LEI Common Data File Formats

Supporting Documents

GLEIF published the LEI-CDF format version 3.1, the Relationship Record-CDF format version 2.1 and the Reporting Exceptions format version 2.1 to adhere to the following three ROC policies: Legal Entity Events (formerly referred to as “Corporate Actions”) and Data History in the Global LEI System Policy, Policy on Fund Relationships and Guidelines for the registration of Investment Funds in the Global LEI System and the LEI Eligibility for General Government Entities Guidance Document.

Supporting technical specification documents and the corresponding XML schema definitions for upgrading to the current versions of the Common Data File (CDF) formats are available for download in the table below.

Additionally, GLEIF provides sample files (XML, JSON, and CSV) and a sample GLEIF API response for verifying and testing the LEI data in the current versions. These sample files relate to the GLEIF Concatenated Files as well as the GLEIF Golden Copy and Delta Files.

The below table represents the current versions of the CDF formats and their supporting documents and example files.

LEI-CDF format version 3.1 RR-CDF format version 2.1 Reporting Exceptions format version 2.1
Example Files - Golden Copy (XML,JSON, CSV) 2021-11-23_lei-cdf-3.1-and-rr-cdf-2.1-and-repex-cdf-2.1-samples-description_v1.2-final.pdf

XML: 2021-11-23_lei-cdf-3.1-and-rr-cdf-2.1-and-repex-cdf-2.1-xml-samples_v1.1-final.zip
JSON: 2021-11-23_lei-cdf-3.1-and-rr-cdf-2.1-and-repex-cdf-2.1-json-samples_v1.1-final.zip
CSV: 2021-11-23_lei-cdf-3.1-and-rr-cdf-2.1-and-repex-cdf-2.1-csv-samples_v1.1-final.zip

Note: This document explains a few possible breaking changes in the Golden Copy files that may arise and their corresponding solutions when users migrate to the upcoming versions (LEI-CDF 3.1, RR-CDF 2.1, and Reporting Exceptions 2.1).
Example Files - Concatenated Files (XML) 2022-01-17_lei-cdf-3.1-and-rr-cdf-2.1-and-repex-cdf-2.1-xml-concatenated-samples_v1.0-final.zip

Note: 2022-02-09_lei-cdf-3.1-and-rr-cdf-2.1-and-repex-cdf-2.1-xml-concatenated-comprehensive-example_v1.0-final.zip is with additional fields and more comprehensive.
Example - GLEIF API Response GLEIF-API-example.json

Note: The API response example is meant to primarily showcase the full set of additional attributes and relationships that will be available in the upcoming API. The validity of the content provided in the example may not correspond to the real world case.
XSLT Transformation LEI-CDF_3.1-to-2.1_transformation.xslt RR-CDF_2.1-to-1.1_transformation.xslt Reporting-Exceptions-Format_2.1_to_1.1_transformation.xslt
Guiding Document for the transition period 2021-09-30_Guiding_Document_for_the_Transition_Period_v1.1_final.pdf
Data Consumer's Guide GLEIF Data Consumer's Quick Guide

Note: For LEI Search file exports, the format is the same as the example files of the Golden Copy mentioned above.

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