Privacy Policy

The GLEIF's privacy policy

This website sets out the privacy policy for the GLEIF's website.
We explain which personal information we gather when you visit the GLEIF's website, and what we do with such information. We further provide an email address where you can send us inquiries and request corrections.

Personal information collected, and the way it is used

When you visit the GLEIF's website, we may collect and store certain information, including personal data about you.

  1. We may use cookies as described in our Cookies Policy, i.e. website option cookies, analytics cookies, and cookies in the context of registration. For further details, please see the GLEIF's cookies policy.
    • Website option cookies are used as stated there, and for no other purpose. The information is not about you as an individual, but about the preferences and options on your computer.
    • Analytics cookies are completely anonymous. Such cookies gather no personal data about you.
    • Registration cookies enable the GLEIF to provide you access to protected areas of the GLEIF's website. Their sole purpose is to ascertain that you are permitted to access those protected areas. The GLEIF makes no further use of the information.
  2. We register your email address or ftp address if you download certain information. The information is used only for the download, and is not stored permanently.
  3. If you register for events, we may register your name, address, phone number and email address, as the case may be and as indicated in the registering form. This information about you is stored and used for the following purposes:
    • to handle your registration, including enabling us to get back to you, inform you about changes or updates.
    • to know, if you register again for another event later on, that you have registered already for an earlier event, and to spare you the necessity to enter your personal information again. The registration process will usually enable you to switch that feature off.
    • we may share the above information with the Local Operating Units, which regarding that information shall observe the same privacy policy as the GLEIF, and which shall not share it with any other third parties.
    • no further or other use is made of the above information, and it is not shared with any other third party.
  4. If you register for certain push-services or newsletters, we may collect and register information similar to the one collected upon registering for events. The same policy as above applies.
  5. If you send the GLEIF an enquiry, be it by email or through a specific contact form which may be provided in some instances, the GLEIF uses the personal information you provide for the purpose of reverting to you and handling your enquiry. For the purpose of quality assurance, the GLEIF may store your enquiry and our response, but shall do so without storing your personal data (name, address, email address, phone number).
  6. The GLEIF shall never collect information about you other than described above without explicitly telling you.

Third party websites

The GLEIF's website provides certain links to third party websites. Please be aware that the GLEIF has no control over the privacy policy of such websites, and please check that websites' information about its privacy policy.
The GLEIF does not collect personal information about the third party links which you have followed. The GLEIF website may however use a website option cookie to enable you to easily return to the GLEIF's website.

Inquiries about personal data stored by the GLEIF

The GLEIF respects your rights as granted in the data protection legislation of numerous countries. In particular, the GLEIF operates under Switzerland's Data Protection Act of 19 June 1992, as amended, and respects its provisions regardless of your country of origin or domicile.
Upon your request, the GLEIF shall

  • fully inform you about personal data stored about you;
  • correct personal data that you state is erroneous;
  • permit you to opt out of further email contact, which you may as well do by accessing the pertaining part on the GLEIF's website and making use of the opt-out feature provided there;
  • delete part or all of personal data from the GLEIF's website related database.

For any such request, or for other enquiries regarding the privacy policy, please use this Contact Form or email to

Valid as of 2015-01-01