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LEI Issuers: Historical Files

GLEIF publishes updated Concatenated Files daily and has done since 8th June 2015. Individual source files published by Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) issuing organizations before this date, or later files which are not included in Concatenated Files, are available for download below.
The following table provides a link to download a Zip file for each individual LEI issuer, which includes historical LEI files in LEI-CDF format v1.0 and/or LEI-CDF format v2.1. For those users who would like to download the complete set of historical LEI files, this is available for download at the bottom of this page.

LEI Issuer LEI HIstorical Files
Bundesanzeiger Verlag GmbH 39120001KULK7200U106 Archive
CDCP Slovakia 097900BEFH0000000217 Archive
Central Securities Clearing System plc of Nigeria 029200067A7K6CH0H586 Archive
China Financial Standardization Technical Committee (CFSTC) 300300KDIZ11PV2GH547 Archive
Colegio de Regisitradores de Espana 959800R2X69K6Y6MX775 Archive
CSD Prague 315700LK78Z7C0WMIL03 Archive
Finnish Patent and Registration Office (PRH) 743700OO8O2N3TQKJC81 Archive
InfoCamere Italy 815600EAD78C57FCE690 Archive
Irish Stock Exchange 635400DZBUIMTBCXGA12 Archive
Japan Exchange Group/ Tokyo Stock Exchange (JPX/TSE) 353800279ADEFGKNTV65 Archive
KDD (Slovenia) 48510000JZ17NWGUA510 Archive
Korea Securities Depository (KSD) 9884008RRMX1X5HV6625 Archive
Krajowy Depozyt Papierów Wartościowych S.A. (KDPW) 259400L3KBYEVNHEJF55 Archive
Legal Entity Identifier India Limited (LEIL) 335800FVH4MOKZS9VH40 Archive
London Stock Exchange / Unavista 213800WAVVOPS85N2205 Archive
LUXCSD 222100T6ICDIY8V4VX70 Archive
National Settlement Depository (NSD) 253400M18U5TB02TW421 Archive
Netherlands Chamber ofCommerce (KvK) 724500A93Z8V1MJK5349 Archive
NSEE 969500Q2MA9VBQ8BG884 Archive
Takasbank 789000TVSB96MCOKSB52 Archive
Saudi Arabia Credit Bureau 558600FNC30A8J9EGQ54 Archive
WM Datenservice 5299000J2N45DDNE4Y28 Archive
Zagreb Stock Exchange (ZSE) 7478000050A040C0D041 Archive

The following link provides one Zip file which includes all files from the table above.

Download Historical Files