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Level 2 Data: Who Owns Whom

The information available with the Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) reference data to date, e.g. the official name of a legal entity and its registered address, is referred to as ‘Level 1’ data. It provides the answer to the question of ‘who is who’. In a next step, the LEI data pool will be enhanced to include the ‘Level 2’ data that will answer the question of ‘who owns whom’. This data will allow the identification of the direct and ultimate parents of a legal entity and, vice versa, in order that the entities owned by individual companies can be researched.

In early 2017, the Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation (GLEIF) will start publishing, in a first step, Level 2 data collected by volunteering LEI issuing organizations participating in a prototype exercise carried out in December 2016. The collection, validation and publication of parent information will commence on 1 May 2017. As of this date, all LEI issuers are expected to have the capability to register and renew LEIs including Level 2 data. It is expected that Level 2 data for the majority of the LEI population will be available at the latest at the start of 2018, i.e. towards the end of the one-year renewal cycle after the date when mandatory collection of Level 2 data starts.

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To date, LEI data records are published with the daily updated ‘GLEIF Concatenated File’. This file contains the content of the individual files, published by the LEI issuing organizations, which list all LEIs issued to legal entities and related LEI reference data, i.e. Level 1 data on who is who. Level 2 data on who owns whom will be published with a separate file on the GLEIF website. This avoids any disruption to the established use of Level 1 data by market participants.

For detailed information on how LEI issuing organizations report Level 2 data and to download related technical documentation developed by GLEIF, refer to these dedicated GLEIF website pages:

The principles governing the collection of data on direct and ultimate parents in the Global LEI System are set out in a dedicated policy document published by the LEI Regulatory Oversight Committee in March 2016.