About GLEIF Governance

GLEIF Board Committees

The Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation (GLEIF) Board has established the following Board Committees:

  • Committee of Chairs
    Advise the Chair on relevant Board matters and assist the Chair with preparation of the Board agenda.
    ( Chair: Gerard Hartsink )
  • Audit and Finance Committee
    Prepare and recommend to the Board the annual financial and operational audit plan.
    ( Chair: Robin Doyle )
  • Business Development Committee
    Review the GLEIF strategy and promotion plans for the adoption of the LEI and respective proposals made by the CEO.
    ( Chair: Kam Keung Tse )
  • Governance Committee
    Advise the Chair and the Board to ensure the proper governance of the GLEIF and its compliance with the Statutes and By-Laws.
    ( Chair: Henrique de Rezende Vergara )
  • Technology & Operations Standards Committee
    Provide oversight and recommend to the Board on the technical and operational aspects for the GLEIS.
    ( Chair: Jefferson Braswell )