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Download the GLEIF Golden Copy and Delta Files

The Golden Copy Files, published by the Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation (GLEIF), provide information on Legal Entity Identifiers (LEIs) and related reference data in a ready-to-use format that ensures:

  • Data does not contain technical duplicates.
  • All LEIs ever published in a GLEIF Golden Copy File version as well as all new LEIs published by the LEI issuers since the previous release of a Golden Copy File are included in the file.
  • Enriched reference data provides deeper insight into the global market place.

GLEIF issues three sets of Golden Copy Files daily. With each updated version of the Golden Copy Files, GLEIF also makes available four delta files. The delta files identify only newly issued LEIs and / or revisions to an LEI’s reference data historically reported in a Golden Copy File published either:

  • Eight hours earlier.
  • 24 hours earlier.
  • Seven days earlier.
  • One month (31 days) earlier.

For detailed information, including the aspects that distinguish the GLEIF Golden Copy Files from the GLEIF Concatenated Files, refer to this dedicated website page: GLEIF Golden Copy and Delta Files.

The GLEIF Golden Copy Files, which are available for download, include specific information on LEI records based on the relevant Common Data File (CDF) format.

Level 1 LEI-CDF Golden Copy File: Learn more

It contains Level 1 data, i.e. LEI records and related reference data that provide information on who is who, based on the LEI-CDF format.

Level 2 Relationship Record (RR) CDF Golden Copy File: Learn more

The Level 2 RR-CDF Golden Copy File contains the Level 2 data to answer the question of ‘who owns whom’ based on the RR-CDF Format. It allows the identification of the direct and ultimate parents of a legal entity whose direct and ultimate parents have an LEI.

Level 2 Reporting Exceptions Golden Copy File: Learn more

The LEI data pool includes Level 2 data to answer the question of ‘who owns whom’. Specifically, legal entities that have or acquire an LEI report their ‘direct accounting consolidating parent’ as well as their ‘ultimate accounting consolidating parent’. Exceptions are reported based on the Reporting Exceptions format. Exceptions include: The LEI registrant has no parent entity; the child legal entity opts out of reporting for exceptional reasons; the direct and ultimate parents of the LEI registrant do not have an LEI.

If you find something you wish to question, you may submit a challenge to any LEI data record through GLEIF’s central challenge facility.

Please address questions on the Golden Copy Files and delta files to leidata@gleif.org.

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