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The Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation (GLEIF) and SWIFT introduced the first open source relationship file that matches a Market Identifier Code (MIC) assigned to an organization against its Legal Entity Identifier (LEI).

The MIC (ISO 10383) is an international standard developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) to identify exchanges, trading platforms, regulated or non-regulated markets and trade reporting facilities as sources of prices and related information. SWIFT is the registration authority for the MIC standard appointed by ISO. In this role, SWIFT receives MIC registration requests, assigns a MIC, and publishes the related MIC data record.

The mapping between the two open source identifiers MIC and LEI will reduce the effort for data consumers to gather, aggregate and process information. The MIC-to-LEI mapping file could also facilitate regulatory reporting under MiFID II on trading venues and markets as well as SFTR on security transactions.

The MIC-to-LEI relationship file is built upon a mapping process established by SWIFT and certified by GLEIF.

For further information on the MIC-to-LEI relationship files, as well as the cooperation between GLEIF and SWIFT, please refer to the factsheet and please take note of the license agreement available for download at the foot of this page.

The free of charge GLEIF Certification of LEI Mapping service ensures that organizations which map the LEI to their own identifiers use state of the art methodologies and / or processes to do so accurately.

Date File
2024-05-13 LEI-MIC-20240513.zip
2024-04-08 LEI-MIC-20240408.zip
2024-03-12 LEI-MIC-20240312.zip
2024-03-11 LEI-MIC-20240311.zip
2024-02-12 LEI-MIC-20240212.zip
2024-01-08 LEI-MIC-20240108.zip
2023-12-12 LEI-MIC-20231212.zip
2023-12-11 LEI-MIC-20231211.zip
2023-11-13 LEI-MIC-20231113.zip
2023-10-10 LEI-MIC-20231010.zip
2023-10-09 LEI-MIC-20231009.zip
2023-09-11 LEI-MIC-20230911.zip

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