LEI Data

LEI Mapping

The Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation (GLEIF) has established a free of charge certification process – the GLEIF Certification of LEI Mapping service - to ensure that organizations which map the LEI to their own identifiers use state of the art methodologies and / or processes to do so accurately.

Data vendors and other organizations can benefit substantially from mapping their applicable identifiers to the Legal Entity Identifier (LEI). Vendors engaging in the GLEIF Certification of LEI Mapping service provide enhanced functionality to their customers: Interoperability across parallel ID platforms significantly streamlines entity verification processes and reduces data management costs for data users.

Certification, and the subsequent publication by GLEIF of publicly available, open source relationship files which match Mapping Partner identifiers against corresponding LEIs, eases the process of gathering, aggregating and reconciling counterparty information. This can be useful for many purposes including: compliance; regulatory reporting; client relationship management; and due diligence.

The Certification of Mapping service also supports the integrity of the Global LEI System, by ensuring that quality controls associated with mapping identifiers to the LEI meet or exceed requirements defined by GLEIF.

In February 2018, GLEIF announced a cooperation which piloted its Certification of LEI Mapping service: the publication of the first monthly open source Business Identifier Code (BIC)-to-LEI relationship file which is built upon a mapping process established by SWIFT and certified by GLEIF. The file matches BICs assigned to an organization against its LEI. With the launch of the open source BIC-to-LEI relationship files, GLEIF and SWIFT pioneered a cooperation model that, for the first time, enabled market participants to link and cross-reference key entity identifiers free of charge.

In April 2019, GLEIF and the Association of National Numbering Agencies (ANNA) piloted the first daily open-source International Securities Identification Number (ISIN)-to-LEI relationship files that link newly issued ISINs and LEIs.

In October 2022, GLEIF and S&P Global Market Intelligence piloted the publication of the S&P Global Company ID-to-LEI mapping pairs via LEI search , which will be updated on a weekly basis.

In November 2022, GLEIF and SWIFT piloted the first monthly open-source Market Identifier Code (MIC)-to-LEI relationship files.

In April 2023, GLEIF and OpenCorporates published the first bi-weekly open-source OpenCorporates ID-to-LEI relationship files.

For more information about the certification of LEI mapping service, contact info@gleif.org.