About LEI Common Data File Formats

Previous Versions

The business card information available with the Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) reference data, e.g. the official name of a legal entity and its registered address, is referred to as ‘Level 1’ data. It provides the answer to the question of ‘who is who’. The LEI-Common Data File (CDF) format defines how LEI issuing organizations report their LEI and Level 1 reference data.

The LEI-CDF format version 1.0 was originally developed by the Regulatory Oversight Committee and mandated for all LEI issuing organizations in August 2014. Subsequently, the Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation (GLEIF assumed the responsibility for maintaining the standard and developing it further.

The earlier version of the format is made available for reference below.

Relevant Files for Download

• Download as PDF: LEI Common Data File (LEI-CDF) Format (LEI Data File Format Version 1.0)
• The corresponding XML schema definition can be downloaded separately here: lei-data-file-format.xsd
• Download as PDF: LEI-CDF V2.1 Implementation Guide (Version 1.3)