LEI The Lifecycle of a LEI Issuer

Required Documents

Organizations interested in becoming LEI Issuers will need to consider and include, as applicable, each of the documents below, which are provided under the CC0 license (CC0 1.0 Universal (CC0 1.0)), during the Accreditation Process:

Key Documentation:

Master Agreement

Master Agreement Appendices:

App. 01: Non-Disclosure Agreement
App. 02: Accreditation Checklist
App. 02: Accreditation Manual
App. 03: Applicant’s Completed Accreditation Plan and Supporting Documentation
App. 04: Candidate’s Accreditation Checklist and Supporting Documentation
App. 05: LOU-contract Requirements
App. 06: Service Level Agreement
App. 07: Payments
App. 08: Ancillary Duties
App. 09a: Template for the Terms of Use GLEIF
App. 09b: Template for the Terms of Use Template for the LOU
App. 10: Annual Accreditation Verification Requirements
App. 11: Applicable provisions of the Swiss Data Protection Act
App. 12: Contact details of the Parties
App. 13: Individual deviations from the Master Agreement
App. 14: Requirements for Third Party Services

Supporting Documents:

Accreditation Plan Checklist
Registry Inventory Spreadsheet Form
Estimated LEI Volume Analysis
Funds Questionnaire
Cost Recovery Compliance Form

Applicable Law:

The cooperation with GLEIF shall in all respects be governed by, and construed and interpreted in accordance with, the substantive laws of Switzerland, without regard to Switzerland's conflict of laws rules. GLEIF offers on its website a list with helpful links to some online resources to Switzerland's federal and cantonal law as well as federal and cantonal court practice, which list for the avoidance of doubt shall however not, on any account, be construed as limiting in whatever way the scope of the applicable substantive laws of Switzerland.

Swiss Federal Law

Decisions of the Swiss Supreme Court

Law of the Canton Basel

Court decision of the Canton Basel

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