LEI Data

GLEIF API Public Beta

In 2019, GLEIF provided access to the beta version of its new GLEIF API to a selected number of users. After we have received and incorporated valuable feedback from our user groups to date, GLEIF is making the API now available as a public beta. This new beta API gives developers access to the full LEI Data search engine functionality, including filters, full-text and single-field searches of legal entity and ownership data, and “fuzzy” matching of relevant data fields such as names and addresses.

For example, using the GLEIF API, you can search for LEIs via entity names, find LEIs by BIC code or investigate corporate structures (search for parent and child relationships). The GLEIF API is based on the data found in the GLEIF Golden Copy.

Full documentation on the GLEIF API beta version, as well as a demo application, are available with the below links. The feedback period will end by the end of March 2020. The results of this feedback will be reflected in the new GLEIF API, which will replace the GLEIF LEI Look-up API earliest by the end of this year.

GLEIF API Beta Documentation

GLEIF API Beta Demo Application