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Data quality starts with standardization

XML Schema

The Common Data File (CDF) formats define how LEI issuing organizations report their LEI reference data in a standardized form and structure. Their purpose is to prevent non-compliance to defined formats. Each reporting format is defined in a detailed specification document - XML schema definition (XSD) - which enforces a minimum data quality. A file which does not pass XSD validation cannot be included in the Concatenated Files and the Golden Copy and Delta Files.

XML Schemas

Current CDF formats

Associated Code Lists

The schemas formally describe the structure of each entire XML document and define each data element, its associated attributes, enumerated values, and associated code lists. The XML schema definitions ensure the provision of uniform and valid data according to the Common Data File (CDF) formats by all LEI issuing organizations.

In addition, the XSD specifications enable developers to understand the data structure and to validate the format of each data element. This ensures that the data user consumes high-quality, harmonized data independent of the individual LEI Issuer.