Access the API

The Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation (GLEIF) is committed to providing services that empower market participants to take advantage of the wealth of information available within the Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) data pool. The GLEIF LEI ‘Look-up’ application programming interface (API) further contributes to meeting this goal by enabling any interested party to quickly obtain updates with regard to a pre-defined list of up to 200 LEI records.

Use of the API is free of charge and does not require registration. GLEIF does not enter into individual contractual relationships or administrative processes with specific users of the LEI data.

The LEI Data Terms of Use, which cover access, service levels, and legal terms, apply to the API.

If your organization needs to register GLEIF as a third party provider, you can find our company registration details here.

The GLEIF LEI Look-up API version 2.0.1, launched in December 2018, is based on the relevant version of the LEI-Common Data File (CDF) format. The LEI-CDF format defines how LEI issuing organizations report their LEI and ‘Level 1’ data on ‘who is who’; i.e. the business card information published with an LEI record. Version 2.0.1 of the GLEIF LEI Look-up API is based on the LEI-CDF format version 2.1.

How to use the GLEIF LEI Look-up API version 2.0.1

To submit a query, use this basic URL, followed by a comma-separated list of LEIs:


Responses are generated in JSON format.

A demonstration site providing an intuitive view of the API version 2.0.1 is available here.

The full documentation relevant to the API version 2.0.1 is available here.

Support and feedback

The first version of the LEI Look-up API was built to meet the principal needs articulated by more than forty organizations representing LEI data users who participated in a beta test carried out in 2017. It provides Level 1 data on ‘who is who’. Going forward, the application will continue to evolve based on feedback received from stakeholders. GLEIF welcomes all feedback on the API, particularly relative to:

  • Use cases for the API at your organization.
  • Query syntax(es).
  • Response format(s).
  • Data fields to include.

Please contact leidata@gleif.org for help using the GLEIF LEI Look-up API and to share any suggestions for future development.

Updates on API development

Please register with our Email Notifications on Technical Updates to keep up to date with technical developments including news on the GLEIF LEI-Look-up API.