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Questions and Answers

The Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation (GLEIF) makes available questions and answers posed by applicants to further assist organizations seeking to become a GLEIF accredited Local Operating Unit (LOU) authorized to issue Legal Entity Identifiers (LEIs).

Representatives of organizations seeking to become GLEIF accredited are invited to direct their questions to accreditation@gleif.org. GLEIF may decide to post questions received, without attribution, and related answers to our website if they are of general interest. The list of questions and answers below reflects dialog with organizations preparing for the accreditation process. It will be updated from time to time, as required.

1. Is there a defined timeline or due date for our application to become a GLEIF-accredited LEI issuer?
No. The applicant may start the accreditation process at any time when it believes it is prepared. Other processing timeline requirements are explained in the Accreditation Manual.
2. Can I start the application process without a signed Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)?
No. GLEIF will not issue the user name and password for the accreditation communication tools (Data Room and Service Portal) without a signed NDA in place.
3. Why are Master Agreement Appendices 3 and 4 not listed in the ‘Required Documents’ section of your website?
Appendix 3 is your completed Accreditation Plan. Appendix 4 is your Accreditation Documentation. Both Appendices are part of the Master Agreement and required for accreditation.
4. Can the user name and password provided to access the accreditation communication tools (Data Room and Service Portal) be shared within my organization?
Yes. You will be issued one user name and password. You will use the same user name and password to access both accreditation communication tools (Data Room and Service Portal). This user account can be shared within your organization at your discretion.
5. Can the automated messages from the Data Room and Service Portal be sent to multiple contact points in my organization?
No. We need one central contact point. This may however be a group email address.
6. Could you please provide the email addresses from which the Data Room and Service Portal notices will be sent? I would like to make sure these emails are not labeled as spam.
Data Room email will have the sender accreditation@gleif.org. Service Portal email will have the sender accreditationrequest@gleif.org.
7. What if I upload a document to the wrong folder?
This is not a problem. While you are in the process of preparing your plan or documentation materials you have the ability to add, delete, and change all files you post until you notify GLEIF that your materials are ready for review. During GLEIF review you will only have the ability to read files posted to the Data Room.
8. When will GLEIF look at the files I have uploaded into the Data Room?
GLEIF will only look at files in the Data Room when: a) the Applicant/Candidate LOU requests an optional conference call and has uploaded the documents for discussion into the ‘Conference Call Materials’ folder; or b) the Applicant/Candidate LOU has notified GLEIF that their Data Room materials are final and ready for GLEIF review.
9. Is my data secured? Can anyone see it?
Your data is secured within GLEIF’s systems. Only authorized users can view your documents. This includes your team members with whom you have shared the user login information plus the GLEIF internal review team. Other Applicant/Candidate LOUs cannot access or view your materials. Applicant/Candidate LOUs have restricted access to only their own folders within the Data Room.
10. I am having trouble printing the Accreditation Checklist. What should I do?
The Accreditation Checklist is an editable PDF. It can be updated and saved as many times as you like. When printing it, we suggest you do this in Adobe Acrobat for the best result.
11. What materials are required for the Plan stage of the accreditation process?
Please refer to the ‘Accreditation Plan Checklist’, which is on the GLEIF website. It specifies all required documents for this stage of the process. It also is a good tool for checking the completeness of your submission prior to submitting it to GLEIF. This checklist is also required for submission as part of your plan documentation.
12. If a single document, like a manual, happens to cut across two or more sections/questions, should I upload only the relevant segment of documentation or upload the complete manual and cross-reference any relevant data by question?
It is your decision. GLEIF expects the Applicant/Candidate LOU to provide a clear cross-reference to the question being asked in the Accreditation Checklist and the documentation uploaded to the Data Room. GLEIF will only review those documents or sections that are specifically cross referenced in the Accreditation Checklist.
13. If I have a general question or something that I do not understand, can I contact GLEIF without this being counted as one of my three conference calls?
Yes. Procedural or interpretative types of questions can be sent to accreditation@GLEIF.org without this being counted as one of three conference calls. As mentioned above, GLEIF may decide to post questions received, without attribution, and related answers to our website if they are of general interest.
14. We are required to provide GLEIF with two original signed sets of the NDA and Master Agreement? How should we do this?
Please attach one copy of your signed NDA with your request to begin the process to accreditationrequest@gleif.org. This will allow us to proceed with the application process.

Please download and sign two hard copies of the NDA and Master Agreement at the appropriate process step and send them via courier service or post to our General Counsel, Sven Schumacher at:

Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation
Bleichstrasse 59
60313 Frankfurt am Main

When the documents have been countersigned by GLEIF, they will be uploaded into the Data Room in the designated folder for access. We will return one executed hard copy set to you for your records. Please specify in your correspondence the address to which we should send this document.
15. Are intergroup services classified as third party services?
This is a choice of the Applicant/Candidate LOU. If the Applicant/Candidate LOU prefers that intergroup services are not considered third party services, the Applicant/Candidate LOU should demonstrate that the proper documents such as an SLA are in place and that its auditor certifies that the pricing is appropriately linked to the cost recovery verification for related party transactions without any profit margin.


How to become a GLEIF accredited LEI issuer

Step 1: Start Accreditation
Step 2: Develop Accreditation Plan
Step 3: Agree Upon Accreditation Plan
Step 4: Sign Master Agreement
Step 5: Implement Accreditation Requirements
Step 6: Assess Accreditation Documentation