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Join Us on 16 November 2017 for the GLEIF Webinar ‘Creating Business Value with the LEI’

Learn how we continuously increase the information available within the LEI data pool, achieve data quality, and make it even easier for data users to access information

Author: Stephan Wolf

  • Date: 2017-11-02
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On 16 November 2017, 15:00 to 15:45 CET, the Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation (GLEIF) will host a webinar to:

  • Update on GLEIF’s latest activities.
  • Outline plans to continue the expansion of information available to market participants through open, standardized and high quality Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) data.

To register for the free webinar, please refer to the ‘related link’ below.

Participants will have the opportunity to receive updates from:

  • Stephan Wolf – GLEIF CEO.
  • Anja Lechner – GLEIF Head of Service Management.
  • Clare Rowley – GLEIF Head of Business Operations.
  • Christoph Schneider – GLEIF Head of IT Development and Operations.

During this webinar, we will address the following topics:

Get ready for MiFID II / MiFIR: Late movers must act now! We will take the opportunity to remind market participants that new European Union (EU) rules will require a significant number of entities both within and outside the EU to obtain an LEI. The forthcoming EU revised Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID II) and Regulation (MiFIR), covering trading venues, investment firms and intermediaries, will take effect on 3 January 2018. With regard to transaction reporting under MiFIR, the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) has clarified that investment firms should obtain LEIs from their clients before providing services which would trigger reporting obligations in respect of transactions carried out on behalf of those clients. Impacted entities that do not yet have an LEI must act now. In cases of further procrastination, the issuance of LEIs before the MiFID II / MiFIR deadline cannot be guaranteed.

Connect the corporate dots with the LEI: With the Global LEI Index, GLEIF makes available the only global online source that provides open, standardized and high quality legal entity reference data. During the webinar, we will offer insight on how we continuously increase the information available within the LEI data pool, achieve data quality and make it ever easier for data users to access information.

McKinsey & Company and GLEIF white paper - create business value with LEI: We will summarize the main findings of new research into LEIs carried out by McKinsey & Company and GLEIF, which examines potential use cases of the LEI in the process of streamlining legal entity identification. The resulting white paper identifies that the financial services industry can benefit from savings, efficiencies and greater reliability in entity verification, worth a combined annual value of $650m. Broader, global adoption of LEIs could yield annual savings of over $150m within the investment banking industry and up to $500m for banks in the issuance of letters of credit. Annual savings in investment banking would include at least 10 percent of the total operational cost of onboarding clients and trading processing through the use of the LEI.

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About the author:

Stephan Wolf is the CEO of the Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation (GLEIF). Since January 2017, Mr. Wolf is Co-convener of the International Organization for Standardization Technical Committee 68 FinTech Technical Advisory Group (ISO TC 68 FinTech TAG). In January 2017, Mr. Wolf was named one of the Top 100 Leaders in Identity by One World Identity. He has extensive experience in establishing data operations and global implementation strategy. He has led the advancement of key business and product development strategies throughout his career. Mr. Wolf co-founded IS Innovative Software GmbH in 1989 and served first as its managing director. He was later named spokesman of the executive board of its successor IS.Teledata AG. This company ultimately became part of Interactive Data Corporation where Mr. Wolf held the role of CTO.

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