vLEI The Lifecycle of a vLEI Issuer

Required Documents

vLEI Issuer Qualification Agreement
An agreement between GLEIF and an organization that has been qualified by GLEIF to operate as a Qualified vLEI Issuer. The vLEI Issuer Qualification Agreement will be the same for all Qualified vLEI Issuers.

Appendices to vLEI Issuer Qualification Agreement

Appendix 1: Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)
An agreement that outlines requirements for handling confidential information.

Appendix 2: vLEI Issuer Qualification Program Manual
The document that describes the Qualification program.

Appendix 3: vLEI Issuer Qualification Program Checklist
The document that details the control and process requirements for Qualification.
Candidate vLEI Issuers should complete the online version of this Checklist.

Appendix 4: vLEI Issuer Contact Details
A list of contact details of GLEIF and the Candidate vLEI Issuer during Qualification and of GLEIF and the Qualified vLEI Issuer during ongoing operations.

Appendix 5: Qualified vLEI Issuer Service Level Agreement (SLA)
A document that details the services to be provided by GLEIF and the Qualified vLEI Issuer Qualification Program.

Appendix 6: Qualified vLEI Issuer TrustMark Terms of Use
A document that details the terms of use of the TrustMark by the Qualified vLEI Issuer.

Appendix 7: Qualified vLEI Issuer-Legal Entity Required Contract Terms
A document that specifies the contract terms that must be included in the agreement between a QVI and a Legal Entity for vLEI services.