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Registration Agents

A Registration Agent helps legal entities to access the network of LEI issuing organizations. As of second quarter 2023, more than 100 organizations operate as Registration Agents in the Global LEI System contributing towards the increased rates of LEI adoption all over the globe.

A Registration Agent may choose to partner with one or more LEI issuing organizations to ensure its clients’ needs for LEI services are met. Registration Agents of LEI issuing organizations are listed under each LEI issuing organization’s basic information here. As part of the Global LEI System, Registration Agents must adhere to the same principles of integrity and operational ethics as all other participants.

The duties of Registration Agents are specified in the Appendix 6 to the Master Agreement. The full duties of an LEI issuing organization are specified in the Service Level Agreement as well, i.e. Appendix 6 to the Master Agreement. Moreover, Appendix 14 to the Master Agreement specifies the requirements for Third Party services, including Registration Agents. The Master Agreement is the contractual framework governing the relationship between GLEIF and LEI issuing organizations. It will always be the LEI issuing organization that remains fully responsible and liable to GLEIF for the execution of its duties.

LEI issuing organizations in partnership with Registration Agents must ensure that all the guidelines specified in the Registration Agents Governance Framework are followed. Non-compliance with the guidelines listed in the Registration Agents Governance Framework may lead to formal complaints. The Complaint Management Process and the Complaint Form are included in the Registrations Agents Governance Framework and are available to the public.

For more information about Registration Agents, contact info@gleif.org.

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