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GLEIF CA Stakeholder Group

The GLEIF Certification Authorities (CAs) Stakeholder Group is open to Certification Authorities and Trust Service Providers (TSPs) to coordinate and encourage a global approach to LEI usage across digital identity products.

The group has the following objectives to advance trust and transparency across the digital identity ecosystem:

  • To jointly promote LEI usage and related use cases in the digital identity industry.
  • To acknowledge and implement the use of LEIs in digital certificates as described in the ISO standard 17442-2.
  • To create market awareness and common knowledge in the CA industry by creating sample use cases and establishing best practice for LEI usage within digital certificates.
  • To enable the GLEIF CA Stakeholder Group to express their views on GLEIF’s existing LEI services and have input into the development of future LEI services.
  • To create an open platform that facilitates communication between GLEIF, CAs and TSPs in order to exchange information and views on existing or upcoming initiatives in the public and private sector.

The representative CAs and TSPs own or support a significant capability in data and data distribution that is relevant to the GLEIF mission. Therefore, they are able to provide LEI data to their customers embedded in their products and services such as digital certificates.

GLEIF welcomes CAs and TSPs to join and participate in the group’s quarterly meetings, which provide an opportunity to share knowledge and experiences to help participants create new services and add value to existing offers. Participation has already been confirmed by China Financial Certification Authority (CFCA), DigiCert, InfoCert, Entrust Datacard, ICAI India, and SwissSign.

For more information or to join the group, please email info@gleif.org.