Get a vLEI: List of Qualified vLEI Issuing Organizations

The vLEI is the secure digital counterpart of a conventional LEI, and together they respond to the global need for automated authentication and verification.

Obtaining a vLEI from a Qualified vLEI Issuer is an easy and secure process.

The role of Qualified vLEI Issuing Organizations

Qualified vLEI Issuers – also referred to as QVIs – supply issuance and revocation services for vLEIs and act as the primary interface for legal entities wishing to obtain vLEI Credentials. Only organizations duly qualified by the Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation (GLEIF) are authorized to issue and revoke vLEI Credentials.

Qualification is the process by which GLEIF evaluates the suitability and sustainability of organizations seeking to operate within the vLEI ecosystem and Global LEI System as QVIs.

Becoming a member of the Global LEI System, that is globally recognized via the vLEI Issuer Qualification process, is a designation of commitment to serve organizations. Together, the LEI and vLEI represent a powerful union that provides a trusted global identity to organizations as well as their organizational roles.

Issuance of Legal Entity vLEI Credentials

Organizations can choose their QVI based on their business needs. All QVIs have successfully completed the GLEIF Qualification program and onboarding.

The below list of QVIs provides the QVI’s LEI, website URL, and date of qualification. Organizations can apply to obtain a vLEI through self-registration via a QVI’s website.

To issue vLEI Credentials, the QVI conducts several verifications such as the status of the organization’s LEI, that the representative of the organization applying for the vLEI is authorized to act on its behalf and that the credential wallet is controlled by this representative of the organization. The organization owning the LEI is required to supply the required information to the QVI. QVIs monitor their clients' LEI status on a regular basis.

Once a Legal Entity vLEI Credential is issued, its issuance is published on gleif.org so that the relevant information is publicly available.

The fees charged for the issuance, maintenance, and revocation of vLEI Credentials are set by each QVI.

Step One: Issuance of Legal Entity LEI Credential

Issuance of Legal Entity Official Organizational Role vLEI Credentials

In addition to issuing Legal Entity vLEI Credentials, QVIs can issue Legal Entity Official Organizational Role vLEI Credentials (OOR vLEI Credentials) at the request of their vLEI clients holding valid Legal Entity vLEI Credentials. These credentials have been created in accordance with ISO 5009.

To issue these OOR Credentials, a QVI will verify the entity and registration statuses of an organization’s LEI and perform identity verification to validate that the OOR Person identified in the Credential holds that official role in line with the requirements specified in the Legal Entity OOR vLEI Credential Framework.

OOR Credentials will be published on gleif.org and discoverable with the consent of the individual OOR Credential holder.

Step Two: Issuance of Legal Entity Official Organizational Role (0OR) vLEI Credential

Once the Legal Entity LEI Credential has been issued, the organization can then request additional vLEl Credentials for key persons in official organizational and functional roles.