vLEI The Lifecycle of a vLEI Issuer

Qualification Program

All organizations seeking to become Qualified vLEI Issuers must successfully complete the Qualification Program as established by GLEIF, which consists of the following three steps.

Step 1: Start the Qualification Program

Prior to initiating the GLEIF Qualification Program, it is essential that interested organizations, i.e., Candidate vLEI Issuers, review the vLEI Issuer Qualification Program Manual and all relevant information to understand the role in the vLEI Ecosystem as well as the functions and operations of a Qualified vLEI Issuer.

For the Qualification Program to be initiated, Candidate vLEI Issuers need to submit a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) signed by an authorized signatory to qualificationrequest@gleif.org.

Step 2: Implement the Qualification Program Requirements

The next step requires the Candidate vLEI Issuer to submit the full qualification documentation, as detailed in the vLEI Issuer Qualification Program Checklist, to GLEIF for review within sixty calendar days of submitting the NDA (Please note: GLEIF has provided an online tool to be used by Candidate QVIs to complete the Qualification Checklist. The GLEIF Qualification Team will provide Candidate QVIs with the details to access the tool once a Qualification request has been submitted). GLEIF then has ten calendar days to provide feedback on the completeness of the documentation. Once the submission is considered complete, GLEIF has no longer than sixty calendar days to assess the submission and to provide the Candidate vLEI Issuer with the status of its application.

Following the successful review of the qualification documentation, the Candidate vLEI Issuer is required to install the vLEI software provided by GLEIF and proceed with testing the vLEI Issuer services for vLEI Credentials issuance, verification and revocation as well as key rotation. The timing and detailed planning of the vLEI operations testing will be agreed by GLEIF and the Candidate vLEI Issuer.

Throughout the entire process, the Candidate vLEI Issuer will receive feedback on its application and may be asked for additional information where necessary. Also, upon request, GLEIF may schedule support calls with the Candidate vLEI Issuer to provide additional assistance. The Candidate vLEI Issuer will need to remediate any issues as noted by GLEIF.

Step 3: Sign the Qualification Agreement

Upon the successful completion of the above-mentioned steps, the Candidate vLEI Issuer will be notified about the final decision on its qualification application. Approval of the qualification application will result in the Candidate vLEI Issuer signing the vLEI Issuer Qualification Agreement with GLEIF. The Candidate vLEI Issuer will then become a Qualified vLEI Issuer and authorized to begin issuing vLEI Credentials. The Qualified vLEI Issuer will also receive its Qualified vLEI Issuer vLEI Credential and TrustMark from GLEIF.

GLEIF qualification confirms that the Qualified vLEI Issuer meets or exceeds the GLEIF quality and performance standards based upon the materials presented and testing performed. GLEIF will reverify the Qualified vLEI Issuer’s compliance with expected internal controls and standards within vLEI operations at least on an annual basis though the Annual vLEI Issuer Qualification.