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GLEIF - Enabling Global Identity. Protecting Digital Trust.

  • Date: 2022-07-19
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GLEIF regulates a genuinely universal identification standard – a unique 20-character code created for a legal entity. There's no other like it. A single code represents a single organization so that anyone, anywhere in the world, can trust an organization is who it claims to be. And we are the official guardian of the records and underlying network to enable responsible interactions between legal entities worldwide.

We uphold a comprehensive record of universal credentials confirmed by accredited issuers assigned to specific territories. Once they've verified the original essential information for an applicant, LEI Issuers distribute unique codes within their given regions.

And distributed LEIs are logged in the GLEIF data bank to keep an up-to-date chain of traceable credentials. LEIs remain trustworthy regardless of the issuing territory because this root authentication coupled with an accepted global standardization reinforces a reliable network of organizational identification that can cross borders.

The network underpins LEIs and supports vLEIs – a digital ID secured at the source, permitting software and devices to automatically as well as cryptographically verify an organization's identity.