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How Can We Guarantee Trust and Transparency in an Increasingly Digitally Connected World?

  • Date: 2022-07-19
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As the world rushes to digitize, identity processes now must also become digital to enable legal entities to establish trust without human intervention. This can’t happen soon enough: confidence in digital authenticity is in short supply.

Recognizing this and that the benefits to the wider business communities grow in line with increasing LEI adoption, GLEIF has evolved and taken on a new strategic direction: to drive LEI adoption by legal entities everywhere, and to encourage broader, voluntary utilization of LEIs beyond use-cases mandated by regulation. And it will do so in a way that enables global identity, protects trust, and promotes transparency in this rapidly digitizing global economy.

While GLEIF’s vision remains constant (‘one global identity behind every business’), the organization is undergoing a transformation in response to this new direction. It is expanding its horizons beyond regulated LEI use and deepening its commitment to helping organizations understand how the LEI can bring greater trust, efficiencies, and transparency to any identity management system in any sector - whether offline or online.

To help it tell the story of how technologies are transforming the way people, businesses, and governments decide who to interact with and trust, GLEIF has undergone its own transformation. In acknowledgment, the foundation has modernized the way it presents itself to the world. As the official guardian of the records and underlying network that enables responsible interactions between legal entities worldwide, GLEIF needed a fresh, clean brand identity, including a new logo and strapline, to reflect the organization’s diversity and universal applicability in both the offline and digital worlds. While the external features of GLEIF’s identity may have changed, the central purpose and heart of its mission remain the same: to create lasting and verifiable trust between legal entities everywhere.