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GLEIF and Evernym Demo ‘Organization Wallets’ to Deliver Trust and Transparency in Digital Business

  • Date: 2020-05-12

The Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation (GLEIF) and Evernym have piloted a solution which allows organizations to create and manage ‘organization wallets’, containing digital portable credentials that confirm an organization’s identity and verify the authority of employees and other representatives to act on behalf of the organization. These credentials can be used to securely identify authorized representatives when they execute an increasing number of digital business activities, such as approving business transactions and contracts, including client onboarding, transacting within import/export and supply chain business networks and submitting regulatory filings and reports.

GLEIF and Evernym are partnering on a joint webinar which will take place on Tuesday 19 May at 10.00 EST / 15.00 BST / 16.00 CET, to explain how portable verifiable credentials can be applied to legal entities, and what an organization identity wallet looks like. Please follow the link on Evernym’s website to register attendance here.