About LEI Common Data File Formats

Upcoming Versions

The Common Data File (CDF) formats define how LEI issuing organizations report their LEI and reference data.

In May 2021, GLEIF published the pre-release LEI-CDF format version 3.1 and the pre-release Relationship Record-CDF format version 2.1. These updates are made to implement the following ROC policies: Legal Entity Events (formerly referred to as “Corporate Actions”) and Data History in the Global LEI System Policy, Policy on Fund Relationships and Guidelines for the registration of Investment Funds in the Global LEI System and the LEI Eligibility for General Government Entities Guidance Document. The detailed technical specification documents and the corresponding XML schema definitions are available for download from the table on this page.

Also available for download is the document ‘State Transition and Validation Rules for the Common Data File Formats’, which describes business rules for the issuance, updating, management and publication of LEI data according to the LEI-CDF formats.

Additionally, GLEIF provides example XML files, which allow consumers of LEI data to test the processing of XML files in the new formats prior to their actual implementation. These relate to the GLEIF Concatenated Files as well as the GLEIF Golden Copy and Delta Files.

Data consumers can make their updates to the new format versions in advance of 1st March 2022 as files in the older formats are compatible with the new ones. To support data consumers who are unable to update their data processing by 1st March 2022, GLEIF provides “Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformations” (XSLT) which allow these data consumers to transform the newer versions, from a technical format perspective, into the previous versions (LEI-CDF version 2.1, RR-CDF version 1.1).

A guiding document for the transition period from 1st March to 31st March 2022 is also provided below.

LEI-CDF format version 3.1 RR-CDF format version 2.1
XML Schema Definition 2021-03-04_lei-cdf-v3-1.xsd

LEI-CDF Version 3.1 – Documentation.html

RR-CDF Version 2.1 – Documentation.html
State Transition and Validation Rules 2021-03-08_State-Transition-Validation-Rules_v2.2_final.pdf
Example Files 2021-05-31_lei-cdf-3.1-and-rr-cdf-2.1-xml-samples_v1.0_final.zip
XSLT Transformation LEI-CDF_3.1-to-2.1_transformation.xslt RR-CDF_2.1-to-1.1_transformation.xslt
Guiding Document for the transition period 2021-05-26_Guiding_Document_for_the_Transition_Period_v1.0_final.pdf