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The Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation (GLEIF) data quality management program ensures that the LEI remains the industry standard best suited to provide open and reliable data for unique identification management. The GLEIF data quality management program is based on a set of clearly defined quality criteria.

Instituting a set of defined quality criteria establishes a transparent and objective benchmark to assess the level of data quality within the Global LEI System. The list of implemented quality criteria is available here.

Using software developed by GLEIF, the LEI data records are checked daily against the defined quality criteria. The document ‘Data Quality Rule Setting’ available for download below identifies the checks performed against the quality criteria. The results of the quality assessment reflected within the monthly GLEIF data quality reports are based on the results of these checks.

GLEIF also makes available a ‘Data Quality Report Dictionary’ (see below) relevant to, respectively, the Global LEI Data Quality Report and the LEI Issuer Data Quality Reports, which describes the application of the data quality criteria in practice. Any interested party is invited to look up how the figures included in the monthly data quality reports are calculated and how the calculations are implemented.

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