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  • Date: 2017-11-03
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The Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation (GLEIF) publishes the monthly ‘Global LEI Data Quality Report’. It provides the following information identifying the overall data quality within the Global LEI System:

  • The LEI Total Data Quality Score for the reporting period.
  • Progress achieved with regard to the continuous optimization of the data quality within the Global LEI System based on the LEI Total Data Quality Score.
  • The five countries where the highest quality of LEI data records was achieved in the reporting period.
  • Results of GLEIF checks of the LEI data records against implemented quality criteria, i.e. the percentage of records that successfully passed the tests.
  • The percentage of LEI data records, which meet the requirements of distinct quality maturity levels. See the maturity level chart on the right hand side of the report, which shows results with regard to the following maturity levels: Level 1 – ‘Required Quality’ (must be 100 percent for all data records); Level 2 – ‘Expected Quality’ (should be 100 percent); Level 3 – ‘Excellent Quality’ (the higher the better).
  • The five LEI issuing organizations that delivered the highest data quality in the reporting period.

The monthly Global LEI Data Quality Reports are available for download (see below).

Download as PDF: 'Global LEI Data Quality Report'